Wednesday, September 11, 2013


SAN GUILLERMO, the antique processional santo of Laoag on his decorated carroza, on the occasion of  his feast day in 1932, which coincided with a Marian Congress. Dated 14 February 1932.

San Guillermo Ermitaño ( St. William the Hermit), founded the Williamites (Gulielmites) branch of St. Augustine. He was born in France but led a life of immorality even while he was married. His conversion started when he was said to have an audience with Pope Eugene III who advised him to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem as an act of penance for his sins. After 2 years, he returned to Italy and became a hermit in the woods near Pisa, before moving on to Monte Prumo and in 1155, in the desert of Maleval. He is often confused with San Guillermo de Aquitania (St. William, Duke of Aquitaine).

San Guillermo is often depicted holding a skull to symbolize man's mortality, and a crucifix, upon which he reflected on Christ's passion as a hermit in the desert. Sometimes, he is shown holding a penitent's whip. He died on 10 February 1157 (his feast day) and was beatified in 1202.

He is the patron saint of several Philippine towns including Bacolor (Pampanga), Laoag City (Ilocos Norte), Magsingal (Ilocos Sur), Talisay (Batangas), and Passi City (Iloilo).


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  2. Is that true? he hold his fathers skull?

  3. father's skull? where did you get that?

  4. Hi! I'm for San Guillermo Muntinlupa. Just asking, if you said that San Guillermo is holding cross and skull,. why is it our patron saint in muntinlupa is holding cross and book instead??? just wondering..

  5. Who is the San Guillermo you are referring to? there are many San Guillermo. San Guillermo de Aquitania (st. William of Aquitaine) holds a book. San Guillermo Ermintano (St. William of Maleval), holds a skull, that is associated with penitents (e.g. St. Mary Magdalene).