Sunday, June 5, 2011

68. Another Teotico's Work Found: NIÑO DE LA PASION

Another work of Domingo Teotico surfaced in the collection of ecclesiastical artist Thomas Joven. Domingo Teotico was an important santo maker who studied at the Academia de Dibujo yPintura, and who later trained under when Lorenzo Rocha and Leoncio Asuncion.

He opened a religious statuary shop in Quiapo and became an award-winning sculptor--2nd prize in the Open Competition sponsored by the Sociedad de Escultores de Sta. Cruz in 1880 and a Silver Medal for a bust of Pope Gregory XV, at the tercentenary celebration of Sta. Teresa de Jesus in 1882.

This particular dated and signed image is that of the Santo Niño de la Pasion, depicting the Christ Child, with a downcast gaze, holding a cross--symbol of His Passion. It is a tabletop santo (35 cm.) of the manikin type, and it stands on a base on which the sculptor has carved his name and the date the work was finished (Feb. 1, 1903).

Tom has had the image for years and only discovered the signature of Teotico as he was about to change the plain-looking base, which, during the process of restoration, revealed the artist’s etched name , just below the Christ Child's left foot.

This is just the second image seen this year made by the Sta. Cruz-born carver, documented with the artist's own signed name. It is hoped that many more will surface in the future.

( Many thanks to Mr. Thomas Joven for the use of his photos)

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