Thursday, January 13, 2011

47. Santos de Marfil: WINGED SAINTS

From the workshop of Dr. Raffy Lopez comes these ivory santos, mostly antique ivory pieces, recovered and restored into new images--complete with silver wings! From San Vicente Ferrer, the Archangels to seraphims, these santos are ready to fly high again!

SAN RAFAEL ARCANGEL (from Raphael, "God has healed") is depicted holding a fish in reference to his instruction to his young travelling companion, Tobias, to use the liver of a fish to cure his father's blindness. He is also depicted with a pilgrim's staff.

SAN VICENTE FERRER, was a famous Dominican preacher who converted thousands to Christianity in Spain due to his impassioned sermons. His attributes include a book, a trumpet and a flame on his head. As he emphasized penance to prepare men for judgment, he was also known as the "Angel of the Apocalypse", hence is shown winged.

ANGEL CUSTODIO, the Guardian Angel, a concept known as early as the 5th century, is traditionally depicted holding the hand of a child as a gesture of protection.


  1. Who owns this two San Vicente Ferrer's now?

  2. I think it was bought by a priest, if I am not mistaken. So sorry for the late reply.

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  4. Where is the Shop of Dr. Raffy Lopez and what is the number of the vecin workshop ? Thanks in Advance :))

  5. It is in St. Peter st. Cubao. Vecin's workshop has temporarily ceased its Makati operations.

  6. Sir Alex, can i ask a question regarding the santo i bought from an antique shop in vigan... The owner of the shop told me that the head and. Hands that i was about to buy are made of "powdered" ivory... I bought the image for 9k.. I was just wondering about the thing she told me that the image was made. Of powdered ivory... Or is there such thing as powdered ivory?

    1. Probably remnants of ivory, such as dust mixed with resin in order to be carved. I own an antique Niño Jesus clutching a bunch of grapes made out of ivory dust.