Wednesday, July 14, 2010

21. MATER DOLOROSA, by Dr. Raffy Lopez

One of the most accomplished ecclesiastical artists in the country today is Dr. Raffy Lopez. A doctor by training, he dabbled in the art of santo vestment making in the 80s, which eventually led to a home-based business that includes restoration of wood and ivory santos, design and execution of religious vestments as well as various church art. Dr. Lopez is sought after by collectors for his antique ivory restoration services; but he also creates religious images using new ivory. His latest masterpiece is this recently-completed processional Mater Dolorosa of new ivory.

This ivory Dolorosa stands 1.15 meters tall and is of the bastidor type. The head was carved and copied from an antique 19th century wooden head by Dr. Lopez's carver, Nong. The encarna was done by no less than the artist Rafael del Casal. The Dolorosa stands on a peana carved by carver Celso, with a basket-weave pattern, then gold leafed by Kiko Aguilar.

The vestments were sewn from silver Thai silk and embroidered profusely with Spanish gold thread with hand stitching in low and high relief. There are 'banig' detailings on some of the flowers. The silver fittings were handcrafted by master metalsmith Dodong Azares.


  1. i hope u understand my comment??? sa pagkakaalam ko ang dapat na bituin sa korona ni mater dolorosa ay labin dalawa lang po bakit po ang dami ng bituin sa korona nya dito??? puna ko lang po....salamat!!!!!

  2. As a Woman of the Apocalypse, she is depicted with 12 stars. But in this depiction--Mater Dolorosa--the stars are used to highlight the rostrillo (the radiane around her head), so the stars are used for effect, rather than traditional iconography.

  3. san po located ang store ni dr. raffy lopez.?