Sunday, June 26, 2011

70. RETRO-SANTO: Mater Dolorosa of Dolores, Quezon

Enshrined in the main altar of the parish church of Dolores, Quezon, is this image of Our Lady. Of unknown origin, the 150 cm. high image depicts our Sorrowful Mother with seven swords piercing her heart and tears flowing down her sad countenance. The Virgin has her hands joined together, and wears a cloak of violet which is replaced with one of black on Good Friday.
Her feast is observed on the Friday preceding Palm Sunday with solemn rites and procession (Turumba) which is marked with peculiar acts like turning to the image and clapping the hands.

Her devotees visit here every Friday during the whole year, and in the Marian Year, all the parishes in the Diocese of Lucena made pilgrimage to her shrine during the Fridays of Lent.

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