Sunday, January 30, 2011

50. The Latest Concept in Holiday Greetings: ICONS ON PHILIPPINE CHRISTMAS CARDS

Originally published in ESSO SILANGAN, p. 12
1969 Christmas Number, Vol. XV, No. 2

Printed on the front cover of this issue of Esso Silangan is a picture showing the wooden images of the “Three Wise Men”, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, who worshipped the Christ Child twelve days after his birth.

On the following pages are more pictures of native icons, “Niño Dormido”, “Blessed Virgin”, “Madonna and Child”, “Kneeling Angel,” and “St. Anne and the Blessed Virgin as a Child”. All were used on Christmas Cards by business establishments in the Philippines to express their holiday sentiments.

No one can dispute the fact that icons are valued not only as precious work of art but also as a focal point of religious adoration. It must be this singular harmony between art and religion that prompted many individuals and business concerns to feature them on Christmas cards to promote the artistic spirit and contribute to the Christmas celebration.

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