Monday, May 5, 2014

194. HE IS RISEN: Resureccion Restored

RISE AND SHINE. The newly-restored Resurrecion found in a Manila estate sale. Save for the staff which needs a new banner, the restoration, undertaken by Dr. Raffy Lopez, was done in under  a month. The image dates from the early '50s.

This 32 inch wooden Risen Christ figure came to me in this sorry state, from a Manila estate sale. It was unkempt and dirty, with an old hanky for a loincloth, with metal parts missing and corroded.

 Though not so old—it dates from the 1950s—it featured a refined carving style, the ultra-slim figure showing pleasingly lithe proportions.

The physique of Christ itself is noteworthy for its lean and long lines, looking perfect from all angles.

The face, gaunt and thin from his mortal ordeal, shows a calm demeanor, neither smiling nor exhibiting sorrow. This, after all is the Risen Christ, symbol of rebirth, of renewal.

Standing on a traditional cloud base, the Christ figure stands 22 inches tall, obviously made for home devotion. Its right hand is raised in blessing, the other holding a rusted banner, with the pennant missing. 

Upon acquisition of this piece, it was immediately whisked off to my santo restorer for diagnostics.

It would seem there was little to restore—some missing fingers, paint losses, unstable parts—but as it turned out, the santo needed a major overhaul.

As was always the case, I was sent updates through photos sent through my phone. After a month, the restoration was finished!

My Christ of the Resurrection—the central figure of the Easter Sunday Salubong---rises again!!


  1. I have a question how much do you spend to repaint your images like this?

    I'm planning to have my 21 inch Maria Auxiliadora and 11 inch San Pio de Pietrelcina repainted they are bth fiberglass statues, I'm looking for a quality repaint job at low cost. Can you suggest where in Metro Manila can I have the repaint done

  2. If you want affordable repainting work, you can just take your image to any of the religious statuary shops on Tayuman. If you are in Makati, take your image to Glorietta's Victoria religious shop.