Sunday, April 14, 2013

145. Holy Week Santos: STA. MARTA

Sta. Marta, together with siblings Maria and Lazaro, come from the village of Betania (Bethany) near Jerusalem. In the Biblical account of Luke, Jesus and His disciples visited their home three times. In those visits, while Maria her sister listened intently to Jesus, it was Marta who fussed about housework. Jesus reminded her that listening to His word was more important, which her sister has done. The next visit shows how well Marta has learned this lesson. Her brother Lazaro had just died; when Jesus arrived, she left her mourning to welcome Him with her trademark hospitality. She became a witness to Jesus' resurrection of her brother, Lazaro, from death.

Sta. Marta is the patron of cooks and homemakers. Her attributes include house keys, basket (or platter) of bread and fruit, cross. This representation is what is brought out in procession during the Holy Week in the Philippines.

 All photos taken by Dr. Raymund Feliciano, under the care of the writer.

 STA. MARTA of Angono, Rizal

 STA. MARTA of Bocaue, Bulacan

 STA. MARTA of Balayan, Batangas

 STA. MARTA of Daet, Camarines Norte

 STA. MARTA of Molo, Iloilo

 STA. MARTA of Maragondon, Cavite

 STA. MARTA of Pasig City

 STA. MARTA of Noveleta, Cavite

 STA. MARTA of Nagcarlan, Laguna

 STA. MARTA of San Mateo, Rizal

 STA. MARTA of Valenzuela, Bulacan

STA. MARTA of Taytay, Rizal

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  1. The one that of angono is Sta. Maria Salome, not sta. Marta.